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I am a British software developer and YouTuber experienced in many programming languages who also makes tutorials around game development.

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About Me

I am a coder that develops games in different coding languages such as Lua, HTML, C# (C Sharp), and JavaScript! I design it with one of my friends. We both own a company called TeamTBM which was created to help the world in Programming and Game Developing.

When I was ten I began learning HTML much more, and ever since then, I have been learning many new things. I enjoy most languages I have learnt but some of my favourites are Lua, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js and C#. There are more, these are just some of my favourites. The site you are currently looking at is made by me using some Bootstrap for the frontend.

I have been involved in volunteering with many schools IT projects. For example, with year 5s, I’ve assisted in an extracurricular class teaching programming skills. I have helped at this club every Tuesday and Thursday for an hour. It has been inspiring to help young students learn, and this encourages me to keep learning and developing my skills.

I’ve also done various other IT related jobs. Not only that, but I’ve been a Digital Ambassador for TechResort and an Asset Designer for DoubleJGames LTD, creating models, 3D Models and graphical icons.

Furthermore, I have done many things in my life, but the most significant decision I had to make was picking my GCSEs. I decided to go for Computer Science, English Language, English Literature, Film Studies, Health and Social Care, Mathematics and Photography, as I am currently studying Photography as one of my GCSEs, I am continually improving my photos, and I hope to improve this a lot over the years in my life.

Some of my achievements include being awarded an Explorer Award and Discovery Award by the John Muir Trust, in recognition of awareness and responsibility for wild places. I have been awarded the UK Bebras Challenge award from Hertford College, University of Oxford.

To enrich my IT and Computing studies I have studied many online courses such as an introduction to computers and computer systems, an introduction to cyber security, and a responsive web design course.


Years of Coding


Hours Spent Coding


APIs Made


Completed Websites


Take a look around at a certain part or topic on my site:

Photography Projects

Take a look at many of my photography photos I have taken in the last few years. I have taken many and most of my favourite ones are added here

Look at Photography Photos

Digital Projects

View all my digital projects, here you can find public APIs I have made, space information and many more things like apps ect

Look at Digital Projects

Cimate Change

Look at my climate change page, where you can view data and information, about the ongoing issue on our planet

Look at Climate Change Page

What else?

Along with my Photography Projects when I take photos and my Digital Projects, I also do these things:

Asset Designer

I make graphics, assets and 3D models for websites and games

Digital Ambassdor

I teach and support people in programming and developing IT skills

Experienced Programmer

I program in a few languages such as Lua, HTML , C#, JavaScript and PHP

Game Developer

I make games on a few different platforms, for others to play for free

Web Manager

I run and host websites for people on many different servers

App Maker

I make mobile apps for many Operating Systems, for people and myself


Here is what others say about me :)

Gavin Rosenthal

Game Developer

"Tyler has been an exceptional resource for problems surrounding Lua, and he has stepped up to help numerous developers with issues of their own. I can say, with assurance, that he is a respectful and knowledgeable developer to work with."

Joshua W

Game Developer

"Always a pleasure to work with Tyler! He has provided many models to a high standard for my game, usually at quite short notice, and is happy to help out whenever I need something built!"

Ryan James


"If I had 3 words to describe Tyler, I’d use kind-hearted, hard-working, and dedicated. Tyler has always been a very talented programmer, always eager share his knowledge to help others by giving them programming advice, or telling people how to start up an entire website!"

Ben M

Web Developer

"I've known Tyler for over 4 years now and we have come so far together. Starting from nothing we built up our group and made it what it is today. We're always supporting each other in one way or another and he's generally a good friend to have."

Shane Barrow


"Tyler has proven to be a keen photographer who pushes his creativity skills. He is out taking good photos and always looking at ways he can improve or props to use to change the composition. Tyler is a great person who works hard and will do well in life with his attitude."

Landon R


"It has always been really easy and pleasant to work with Tyler. He is very talented with what he does and has always been willing to help others with his knowledge."

Special Mentions


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