Dear TMW Hosting Customers,

In August 2020, the whole of TeamTBM had a vision. The vision was to bring a new and powerful free web hosting service to anyone around the world. We began working on this system using any software. We were thrilled to open our hostings and allow clients to use our hosting for their sites.

But sadly, we have come to the conclusion that managing the costs towards a company were way beyond our control, and we massively struggle carrying on with our hostings. It is, with our greatest sadness and regret, we have decided to close down our hostings. Our last day of business will be on September 4th 2021. After that date, TMW Hosting will no longer be online and available for users to use. The decision to close down our hosting was not an easy one, and we enjoyed the relationships with our customers over the last few months.

The whole TeamTBM would like to thank all of our customers that we have worked with and for all of the massive amount of support that you have given us. TMW Hosting could not have been as successful as it was without all of the loyalty you gave us.

Additionally, all clients who are currently using our hostings will need to find alternative companies. We are happy to help you find and contact other companies for you to help you, and we thank you for your support.